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07 May 2021, 16:17

Update from the Isle of Wight Against Scams Partnership

Update from the Isle of Wight Against Scams Partnership: 3609PLA IWASP logo on backgorund

Trading Standards have a roundup of scams currently in circulation.

  • Reports of scam texts and emails purporting to be various difference mail providers, claiming that you need to pay extra for a package or asking you click on a link which could install malware onto your device – the companies all involved state that they would never contact you in this way (how would they know your phone number?) and would put a card through the door.
  • Reports that the National Insurance scam has been using an 01983 number – please don’t believe that just because it appears to be a local number that it is genuine, numbers can be purchased and are frequently cloned.
  • A message purporting to be from Google to say that your phone has viruses and you have to click the link to repair the problem – Don’t – this is a scam.
  • There appears to be an increase in reports of banking texts and some residents are reporting that these messages are being followed up by phone calls stating that there is a fraud on your account, they may even draw your attention to the number they are dialling from – it will be the banks number – again these can be cloned. Hang up do not engage with these criminals and call your bank on a number you have found yourself to ensure that your account is secure,
  • Lots of reports in the past few weeks about rogue traders. Whether they are looking to carry out work on your property or buy gold or jewellery from you; our advice remains the same – Do Not trade on the doorstep as you will be conned out of money and if they are carrying out work it is likely to be of poor quality and the price they quote at the beginning will escalate during the process.


If you would like to increase your knowledge please go to and watch a short video aimed at raising awareness around scams and doorstep crime

Another useful tool is the free Which Scam Alert service that you can sign up to – just click on the following link

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