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01 June 2020, 17:07

Dog controls on Island beaches

Rules banning dogs from many Island beaches for the summer will be reintroduced next week.

The Isle of Wight Council temporarily relaxed restrictions at the beginning of the coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown.

The council plans to reinstate the existing control orders from Monday, June 8. There are no new ones.

Councillor John Hobart, Cabinet member for environment and heritage, said: "The decision was taken to extend the period that dogs could be walked on beaches to increase the space available for residents and their pets to take their regular daily exercise safely.

"Now, with the warmer weather here and with relaxed government guidance on the stay at home message, our beaches are becoming busier.

"We have already received complaints from some residents who wish to use the beach without the risk of dogs off leads invading their social distancing space. 

"Restricting dogs during the summer months also helps to maintain water quality.

"There are of course numerous locations where dogs can be exercised that don’t have seasonal restrictions."

The rules, which usually ban dogs from many beaches between 1 May and 30 September, were relaxed early in the lockdown when people were forbidden from sitting on the beach or driving to the beach for exercise.

But the government has since said people can use the beaches.

While some of the Island’s most popular beaches are now out of bounds to dogs until the end of September, many stretches of the coastline remain dog-friendly all year round.

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